The new year is certainly a time for celebration. We leave behind the old and make way for the new. Many of us will celebrate New Year’s Eve and Day in the company of our loved ones, eating, drinking, and being merry. Unfortunately, this is also the time when impaired drivers are most likely to get behind the wheel. Such drivers endanger themselves and others, both drivers and pedestrians.
The Arkansas car wreck injury lawyers at Taylor King Law recommend that other drivers be watchful and report suspected impaired driving to authorities. You could help save innocent lives.

Tips to Spot a Drunk Driver
Though it’s impossible to know whether someone has been drinking just by watching them drive, there are several warning signs to be aware of. A driver who displays several of the following behaviors may be impaired and should not be behind the wheel.

  • Straddling the lane marker or center lane while driving
  • Nearly hitting another vehicle or object (example: nearly side-swiping a sign) – An impaired driver will struggle to judge distances accurately, resulting in “near misses.”
  • Making very wide turns
  • Driving on the wrong side of the road – This may be considered the “classic” sign of impaired driving.
  • Weaving from one side of the road to the other
  • Driving at very slow speeds – Some drivers are aware of their impaired state, so they believe driving more slowly will help them drive safely. Very slow-moving vehicles may cause a chain reaction of rear-ending.
  • Erratic braking – This includes stopping at a green light or at a crosswalk when there are no pedestrians around.
  • Forgetting the basic rules of driving (example: driving at night without headlights on)

Do Your Part
If you believe you’ve seen a drunk driver, don’t try to overtake them or make them stop their car. Instead, follow them, maintaing a safe distance at all times. Impaired drivers tend to stop without warning and make other erratic decisions. Call the local authorities and report the driver to them. You will be doing yourself, other drivers, and the impaired driver a big service. If everyone acts responsibly and reports suspected drunk driving, the roads will be safer in 2016.

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