A study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration concluded that leg injuries are the most common form of injury in the case of motorcyclists. Since there is a minimal protection available to the lower part of the body, motorcyclists injure their legs more in an automobile accident. Moreover, since the motorcycle is much smaller than the vehicles on the road, the chances of the motorcycle becoming totaled are high and unfortunately higher are the chances of the motorcyclist becoming severely injured.

Other Risks Too
Apart from vehicles on the road, motorcyclists are also at risk from stationary objects such as poles, trees, and parked vehicles. Again in this case, since there is not any protection offered to the lower part of the body, a motorcycle offers little to no protection to the lower torso of a human body. Moreover, collisions with road dividers and railings also pose an equal threat to motorcyclists.

Limited Protection
Though protective gear is available for motorcyclists to protect them from collisions, this gear has limited capabilities. Helmets, heavy boots, reinforced synthetic jeans, and armor pieces and clothing are just some of the options available. Motorcycle accident injuries often are serious and hit the victims hard financially. Statistics released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration suggest that an average leg injury costs around $20,000. Multiple leg injuries cost double and if there is burning involved and skin grafting is required, the costs can increase even more.

Common Injuries
The following is some of the most common form of leg injuries sustained during motorcycle accidents:

Ankle injury

  • Broken foot
  • Damage to knee ligaments
  • Rupture to tissues and arteries in legs
  • Bone fractures
  • Ankle ligament tear

Increasing Your Odds
Just like car accidents, victims of motorcycle accidents can also be compensated for medical expenses and damages. You, however, will need the assistance of a motorcycle accident attorney. For more information on, contact Taylor King Law at 1-800-CAR-WRECK.

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