When it comes to personal injury compensation, the defense or the insurance company will try everything possible to deny you the claim to reduce it considerably or even by a small fraction. Here are some important points to keep in mind that will certainly improve your chances of receiving a settlement that is worth mentioning on your Facebook page.

Seek Medical Assistance and Treatment Immediately

Even if you feel that you have not suffered any injuries, it is important to get yourself checked by a doctor in the ER. If you are suffering from any symptoms however mild, reveal them all to the doctor. On the other hand, it is also critical that you do not exaggerate your symptoms. If you are consulting other doctors, make sure all of them know about your symptoms after the accident. Describe how you feel to any medical personnel honestly and consistently.

With the Exception of Your Attorney and Doctor, do not talk to Anybody Else

Be aware who is asking you questions or engaging you in conversation. Do not talk to anybody about your accident or your injuries, especially to the insurance company adjuster or to the lawyer of the other party. They will try to record your talk, and then misrepresent what you have said. If you are compelled to talk to anybody, make sure your personal injury lawyer is present.

Conduct Your Own Investigation

It is crucial for your personal injury lawyer to collect all the police reports, witness statements, and your medical records after the accident. You might also have to hire accident reconstruction expert or private investigators. If you do not have enough evidence to support your claim, you might lose at trial.

The insurance company will definitely be conducting an investigation and collecting evidence that can be used against you. Hence, you need to increase the strength of your case so it can withstand the rigors of scrutiny. If it is possible, start taking photos of the scene after the accident. Work with your attorney which you certainly should have by this point and start compiling evidence so the tinsel strength of your case is formidable.

This is not time to start blabbing on social media and sending out emails about how much money you are about to get paid. If the opposition sees wind of this, this can just augment their resolve. You also do not want to start counting your chickens before they are hatched. You should be positive but professional and be smart about this situation. You should be focusing on your job as well and getting healthy.

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