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A motorcycle rider can sustain very serious injuries in an accident, and many times, it can even result in lifelong disability or even death. Even though riders of all vehicles have the same legal right in using roads, motorcycle riders, more often, end up critically injured in collisions.

Most of these accidents are due to collision with cars and trucks, and often, these are caused by the fault of the car driver. The probability of fatality or serious injuries in an accident is 25 times higher for motorbike riders than car drivers. If you are riding a motorcycle and get into an accident, it becomes very important to prove that you are not at fault, so that you can obtain compensation for your injuries.

Speak the Truth

The first thing you should do after the accident is to wait for the medical team to arrive and seek medical attention. If you are able to move around, talk to the other driver/s and get their contact details along with the details of their insurance company. However, the most important thing to do is give your account of what happened to the police officers who have arrived at the scene.

Make sure they include your side of the story in their report. Later you will need a copy of this accident report to strengthen your case. Next, try to photograph the accident scene from different angles on your cell phone. The photos you take should tell the story about how the accident occurred, and how the other driver was at fault.

Consider this as building your case, and utilizing your resources. If you are the motorcycle driver you have to proceed as if you were any other driver on the road.

Talk to the Arriving Accident Police Officer

If you are too injured to move around under your own power, explain to the police officer what happened so they can build the case for you. You can always come back to the scene a couple of days later to take some pictures and perhaps find any evidence that will bolster your motorcycle accident case.

If you have a digital camera on you then you should use this device to start verifying what you say is true. You want to paint a complete picture on what happened and when you hire an attorney, make their job that much easier.

Covering Your Bases

Lastly, try to pick up some statements from people who witnessed the accident, along with their contact details. Even if these witnesses refuse to give testimony in court, your lawyer can subpoena them later and attain their statements. Use the legal system on your behalf. Photos of the accident scene, witness testimonies, police and your medical reports will provide the evidence required for proving fault of the other party.

At Taylor King Law, we specialize in helping people build a case that ensures they receive the compensation they deserve. For a free consulation, contact us today at 1 (800) CAR-WRECK.

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