The increasing number of injuries resulting from failed car seats has only recently prompted action from the NHTSA. Both the regulators and manufacturers have long been aware that contemporary seat designs are far from satisfactory and unable to withstand the forces generated in accidents. Furthermore, they could be the cause of injury in accidents, even in minor collisions. Seat designs are described as the most extensive safety defects in car design.

Many children have been seriously injured or killed in seat back failure collisions where the vehicles were traveling at relatively low speeds. In some cases drivers have been paralyzed after seat failure in a rear-end impact. And this is not just speaking about children either. Adults have been the victim of poor seat design as well.

Recent litigation has emphasized the case of defective seat backs and their inherent dangers which so far has been little known. This has put pressure on automakers to redesign their seat belts so that they are safer and able to withstand a reasonable force in an auto collision.

If you or any member of your family has been injured because of seat back failure in a collision, contact an attorney at Taylor King Law. You may be eligible for damages and compensation resulting from the defective product.

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