Most often car wrecks could have been avoided. They are usually caused because of someone’s disregard for the Rules of the Road, and insistence on driving in a negligent manner. Common causes of car wrecks would include:

Not observing traffic signals – ignoring stop signs, yield signs, and stop lights.

Not adjusting speed to suit weather or road conditions or maintaining a safe distance behind another vehicle.

Being distracted while driving which would include using a GPS or a cell phone, or any other device or instrument which detracts from concentrating on the road.

Driving under the influence of drugs or liquor.

Driving a vehicle that is not roadworthy and a safety hazard.

If you are one party in a vehicle accident, take the following steps to protect yourself and your legal rights:

Call 911 and advise them about the accident.

Record the names, addresses, and contact details of the other driver and any useful witnesses.

Take photographs of the wreck if you have a camera. This will provide invaluable and strategic evidence.

Do not move your vehicle until the police arrive.

Seek medical attention if injured.

Do not make statements or sign documents, especially with insurance adjusters.

Speak to a car wreck attorney who will put you on the right track.

A car crash lawyer will be able to evaluate your case and advise you about the best line of action you should pursue.

If you have sustained injuries, you will be entitled to claim compensation. An accident attorney should draw up such a claim only after all costs are carefully determined. An accident claim can be a traumatic experience because insurance adjustors are wired to settle for the least amount, which invariably is far less than you deserve. A car accident attorney is adept in negotiating these settlements and will get you the best deal possible.

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