Catastrophic injuries can be the outcome of virtually any accident. They could result from someone’s willful, negligent conduct which would form the basis of a civil suit. Or they could be work-related in which case the issue becomes a worker’s compensation claim. A catastrophic injury could emanate from a single event like an explosion or a fall, or it could be the outcome of repetitive injuries like those suffered by professional sports persons or others in highly physical-intensive jobs such as those in the construction industry. Fairly inconsequential events such as mishandling an injury could also turn it into a catastrophic injury as in medical malpractice lawsuits.

Serious Situations

Other common accidents that lead to catastrophic injuries are vehicle accidents, slip, trip, and fall accidents and construction accidents. The outcome could be spinal cord damage, brain trauma, head injury, loss of hearing, sight, or mobility. Other causes are accidents from an explosion, taking a dangerous prescription drug, or exposure to toxic chemicals like lead paint or asbestos.

Life Altering Events

An injury is described as catastrophic when it is devastating, permanent, and has a deeply disturbing effect on the victim and victim’s family. Unfortunately, in many cases, the effect of an injury does not become apparent until after a few months, or even years have elapsed. Victims suffering from a catastrophic injury might have their lifespan shortened or be forced to endure a lifetime of pain and suffering with huge costs related to their disability.

Building a Formidable Case

If you or someone close to you has suffered a catastrophic injury, then call a law firm which specializes in catastrophic injury cases. An injury lawyer will let you know if the nature of your injury qualifies you to bring about legal action for a monetary claim for damages. You might be eligible for compensation for medical treatment and many other benefits. Remember that catastrophic injury claims are time sensitive and subject to a statute of limitations.




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