Nursing home abuse is one of the most common instances in the United States that give rise to personal injury lawsuits. And as legal experts unanimously agree, these cases are one of the toughest to prove in court. The complexity of course, arises from the fact that evidence for nursing home abuse tends to be highly technical in nature and it takes an extremely knowledgeable and experienced personal injury attorney to decipher the findings and present a foolproof case.

Lack of Care

Nursing home abuse is definitely a ground for filing personal injury claims because such behavior on the part of the healthcare staff can severely traumatize a patient, both physically and psychologically. The following are some common forms of nursing home abusive behavior:

Not Providing Adequate Nutrition and/or Hydration: Failing to provide food and liquids to patients in the prescribed manner not only leads to weight loss and dehydration but may also lead to a deterioration of their already fragile health.

Not Providing Correct Medication: This is an extremely serious concern because incorrect medication or not providing medicines in the right dose in accordance to a prescribed schedule can delay a patient’s recovery and in some cases, may also bring about serious health damage.

Not Providing Appropriate Emergency Care: A negligence of this sort especially in cases where a patient has suffered a stroke or has had a fall may lead to permanent disability or even turn fatal.

Not Providing Adequate Daily Care: Not maintaining adequate hygiene can not only delay a patient’s recovery by aggravating his symptoms but may also cause him to contract infections or develop sores that may be painful and require additional treatment.

Not Providing Adequate Patient Supervision: There have been countless instances across the country when inadequate supervision in a hospital or a nursing home has led to a slip-and-fall accident or has had a patient walking out of the establishment premises unauthorized.

The above are only some instances of nursing home abuse that can be the grounds for filing personal injury claims. If you suspect that your loved one in a hospital, nursing home, or an assisted care facility is being ill-treated, then you must make haste and contact an experienced and dedicated personal injury lawyer.

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