Staff Spotlight : Tamara Larry

Staff Spotlight : Tamara Larry

Meet Tamara!

Tamara Larry began serving as a case manager with Taylor King Law in 2019. Outside of work, Tamara enjoys reading, listening to music, learning new things, and attending spiritual classes: “I’m happiest when I am aligned perfectly with wherever life has me.” Additionally, Tamara enjoys spending time with her husband and her five nieces and nephews.

She said people might be surprised to know she’s an introvert. “At home with PJ’s on, eating junk food and watching TV,” is Tamara’s favorite way to spend a Saturday.

Favorite season? Spring

Favorite place in Arkansas? The Ozarks

Favorite superhero power? Telepathy

Favorite book? One Great Year

One thing you couldn’t live without? My Peace

If you could learn to do anything? Speak several languages fluently.

Favorite music artist? BEYONCE!

If you could only eat one meal? Pasta

Favorite place you’ve traveled? Los Angeles, CA

Favorite color? Purple

Favorite thing about working at Taylor King Law? Making my clients smile and know they’re important.

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