Staff Spotlight : Sandra Atkins

Staff Spotlight : Sandra Atkins

Meet Sandra!

Sandra Atkins (aka Sandy) has been with Taylor King Law for more than six years. She serves in our disbursements department.

Outside of her time at work, Sandra enjoys spending time with her family, which includes her daughter Erin, and her husband J.R., and her son John, and his wife Laura.  She also has two “amazing” granddaughters, Charlee and Gracie.

Travel is another love of Sandra’s. In fact, if she won the lottery, she said the first thing she’d do is travel. Her favorite place to travel is to the beach, and she hopes to someday enjoy the beaches of Hawaii.

What’s one thing you couldn’t live without? God

Finish the sentence, I’m happiest when…? I’m with my family

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life? Couldn’t

If you could learn to do anything? Skydive

If you had any superhero power? The ability to fly

Favorite season? Fall

Favorite color? Purple

Favorite thing about working at Taylor King Law? The people

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