Staff Spotlight : Lasheena Ali

Staff Spotlight : Lasheena Ali

Meet Lasheena!

Lasheena Ali has been a case manager with Taylor King Law for more than a year and a half. She works in our Springdale office located in Northwest Arkansas.

Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her daughters, Makayla and Trinity, her boyfriend, Thomas, and her two dogs, Princess and Peppa. Lasheena also works as a hairstylist and makeup artist: “I love beautifying my clients and boosting their confidence.”

Travel is another interest of Lasheena’s, and it’s the first thing she’d do if she won the lottery. “Being a New Orleans native, anytime I can visit home is always a great time. Outside of New Orleans, my favorite places to visit have been Las Vegas and New York. We have a trip planned to Mexico and I am very excited!” She has plans for many more countries as well: “If I could learn to do anything, it’d be to fluently learn a foreign language.”

Finish the sentence, “I’m happiest when”… I am experiencing and making new memories with family and friends.

One thing you couldn’t’ live without? God and Seafood

Favorite superhero power? Superhuman strength

Favorite place in Arkansas? Devil’s Den State Park

Favorite way to spend a Saturday? Any Saturday I can sleep in is my favorite.

Favorite season? Summer

Favorite color? Magenta

Favorite thing about working at Taylor King Law? My coworkers

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