Staff Spotlight : Erin Valentine

Staff Spotlight : Erin Valentine

Meet Erin Valentine!

Erin has been with Taylor King Law as a case manager in our Arkadelphia office for nearly one year. When not at work, Erin enjoys reading, watching “ridiculous amounts” of television, and traveling with friends. She’s always down for any and all theater, and also has a love of photography.

Erin is happiest when curled up in a comfy chair with a good book, the perfect cup of Earl Grey tea, and her dog at her feet. But her favorite way to spend a Saturday is miles away traveling to Austin, TX or New York, NY and “meeting up with friends, going on a long walk, eating yummy food, and then if I’m in Austin, going to a swimming hole and if I’m in New York, going to a museum or show. Then going home and making dinner, talking, and drinking wine with my friends until late.”

Favorite Season? Autumn, especially if I’m in the Northeast.

Favorite Book? That’s an impossible question, but recently my favorite book is “Autobiography of My Mother” by Jamaica Kincaid.

Favorite Place You’ve Traveled? Ireland, hands down. I’ve been 4 times. I could spend the rest of my life on the Donegal coast.

Favorite Superhero Power? Teleportation, no doubt.

Favorite Way to Spend $20? Probably buying a new book and then taking said book to a quiet café and getting a nice coffee.

Favorite Thing about Working at Taylor King Law? Definitely the people. I’ve become really good friends with a lot of my coworkers.

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