Staff Spotlight : Angel Meza

Staff Spotlight : Angel Meza

Meet Angel!

Angel Meza has been with Taylor King Law for one year, working as a case manager in our Springdale office. He enjoys spending time outside the office with his girlfriend and with his large family; Angel is the middle of 5 siblings. He also enjoys “hiking, trying to go to the gym (key word trying), and watching movies.”

Angel is happiest when he knows everything is going according to plan, and the one thing he couldn’t live without? “Food, I love food. Not a picky eater.” When asked if he won the lottery, Angel answered “[I’d] pay off all my mother’s debt and make sure she does not have to work again.”

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life? Pad Thai. TOOOOO GOOOOOOD

If you could learn to do anything? To speak and write Chinese

If you could travel anywhere? Greece, I’ve heard it’s beautiful.

Favorite place you’ve traveled? Cozumel

Favorite season? Winter, because I sweat A LOT.

Favorite movie line? “I seen it” from Pineapple Express.

Favorite way to spend $20? A movie ticket and a small coke.

Favorite thing about working at Taylor King Law? Getting to help Spanish-speaking clients be heard by someone and get help.

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