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If you’ve been involved in a slip and fall incident and have questions about how to handle your claim, contact the experienced slip and fall injury lawyers at Taylor King Law in Conway.

Slip and fall injuries come as a complete surprise, but the injury lawyers at Taylor King Law will answer your questions and walk you through next steps to ensure you’re fairly compensated for your injuries sustained in a slip and fall.

Injured in a Slip & Fall Accident? 

A “slip and fall” accident occurs when a person slips (or trips), falls and sustains an injury. Slip and falls usually happen on someone else’s property and are the result of hazardous or unsafe conditions.

Slip and falls are commonly caused by conditions like these: 

  • Wet or slippery floors with no caution sign
  • Icy or snowy conditions
  • Loose or broken stair treads or railings
  • Uneven or damaged flooring 

Slip and falls can occur at another person’s home, a rental property, or a business. These accidents fall under the umbrella of personal injury.

If you are one of the 8 million Americans who were injured in falls last year and you believe that the conditions of the property were to blame, we’re here to help. Our team represents slip & fall victims to ensure they get the compensation they deserve.

Injury Lawyers On Your Side – By Your Side in Conway

At Taylor King Law, we’ve been serving accident victims for more than 25 years. Our personal injury attorneys in Conway will be on your side every step of the way, from obtaining the incident report and medical records to gathering witness statements and negotiating with the insurance company.

Like any personal injury case, there’s no “one size fits all” formula to determine the worth of a slip and fall case. Several factors may influence the total compensation you receive for your injuries: 

  • Severity of physical injuries
  • Cost of medical treatment
  • Likelihood of future medical treatment or bills (for chronic conditions)
  • Lost wages from missing days of work

A skilled slip & fall attorney will help determine the true worth of your claim. Nationally recognized and locally awarded, we’re the right team to have on your side when you’ve been involved in an accident.

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The pain you’ve experienced from a slip and fall shouldn’t have to be multiplied by the stress of handling your claim alone. Contact Taylor King.

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