For those who drive Highways 67 and 107 on a regular basis, you’re aware how imminent a car accident can be; car wrecks happen seemingly often in and around North Little Rock. While a car accident may be unavoidable, the frustration and difficulty that follows an accident can be avoided.

If you live in or around North Little Rock, and have been injured in a car accident; it’s important that you find a local, trusted car accident lawyer in North Little Rock. At Taylor King Law we’ll be committed to you and to your case; and with an office on JFK Boulevard, we’re available to meet with you face to face.

From handling your accident report to seeking compensation for pain and suffering, our attorneys will be on your side throughout the process. We will coordinate and ensure your medical bills, property damage, rental car, lost wages, mileage expenses, health insurance, and everything in between is handled with care and expertise.

If you’re seeking an auto accident lawyer in North Little Rock, stop by our office today, or call us toll-free at 1 (800) 227-9732. An initial consultation is free, and if you can’t make the drive to our office on JFK Boulevard, our local team will come to you.

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